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Stuck at that last ten pounds? You need to increase your metabolism to melt fat fast.  It does require more effort when you have less fat to burn so tricking the body a little assists in speeding up the process.

You can’t let the body or mind get lazy or complacent so raising metabolism will stoke the fat burning fires again.

It’s best to change you’re diet or your exercise routine or both to confuse your system and increase your metabolism. If your not already eating the four to five smaller meals a day to stoke the fat burning metabolic rate, change to this now.

Tips to Increase your Metabolism and Get a Flat Belly

You must make sure you are eating smaller meals, not the normal size meals you were eating when eating 3 meals a day.  We are not feasting at every meal! This is vital for your success.  Make sure you reduce your meal sizes.

You are eating on a more regular basis so you don’t get too hungry but in much smaller quantities.  If you find your total calorie intake is increasing with 4-5 meals a day, cut back to 3 meals a day with no snacks.  If you don’t have these meal sizes well planned its very easy to over-eat and sabotage your efforts to burn those extra pounds.

Eat your high fiber carbs early in the day and not after 3pm.   Eat oats, grains etc for breakfast and then for dinner in the evening take some lean protein with a salad.  Cut the potatoes, corn and peas out to start with, you can gradually add them back in later.

Don’t eat a lot of sweet fruit.  Fruit can be too high in sugar.  In fact if you can go without fruit for a couple of weeks this will really increase your metabolism.

If you’re trying to cut those pounds, cut the sugar foods altogether, meaning all cakes, cookies, candy, donuts and chocolate.  Don’t eat white foods or anything produced with white flour, bread, pasta, and rice.

Try to keep eating really healthy clean foods to increase your metabolism and you will see your last 10 pounds waste (waist) away.

Melt Fat Fast with Resistance Training

Add in some resistance training, yes weight lifting if you’re not doing so already.  This is vitally important to build the muscle and to continuously burn the fat.

Don’t worry about becoming bulky if you are a female.  You don’t have enough testosterone to build big muscles. The weight lifting will tone up any flabby or droopy spots and you will  look incredible with a firm, toned and lean shape. Muscle is still the best fat burner and will definitely increase your metabolism and burn stomach fat!

Weight training also changes the composition of your body, raises your basal metabolism rate which in turns burns more calories even when your not doing anything (now this I like!)

Make your workouts challenging and fun. If you’re bored, change them up, do something different to keep your interest.  You can combine your weight training with cardio and your cardio can be anything from running on a treadmill to a sport or activity you really enjoy such as tennis or squash.

Even hiking or walking at a fast pace can increase your heart rate and fire up the fat cells.  The key is not to get stuck in a rut so your metabolism and weight don’t either.

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