As I am in the health and fitness industry as a Pilates Instructor I hear a lot of confessions from my clients about what they really do behind the scenes when it comes to losing weight and trying to lose belly fat. That’s also the most often asked question, ‘how do I lose belly fat and get flat abs’?

One of these true confessions and I’ve heard it many times before is to go without breakfast and/or lunch and then eat a huge meal at dinner.  If they don’t eat a huge meal at dinner they will have a small meal and then keep snacking afterwards. It makes it almost impossible for you to lose belly fat if you eat the majority of your calories for dinner.

The justification for eating like this is that they haven’t eaten all day and now they can have all their calories in one go!  It makes no difference at all if you haven’t eaten all day. If this becomes a habit you’re slowly damaging your metabolism and upsetting the balance of vital hormones. You must feed  your precious body a balanced and nutritious eating plan.

Lose Belly Fat with Healthy Eating Habits

If your body thinks your starving it down regulates your metabolism to save on energy and fat expenditure. Over time continuing to yo-yo diet or starving yourself sets your metabolism to become so efficient it will keep your weight stable (the same) despite the fact that you may be on a very low calorie diet.

It’s also a well known fact that severe calorie restriction often results in losing the lean body mass and not necessarily the body fat.  So you could end up with a higher percentage of body fat than when you started on a very low calorie diet.

Your metabolism is at its highest at noon and then decreases after that time.  So by the time you get to eat dinner, the food you eat is more likely to be stored as excess fat. It’s definitely not the way to lose belly fat or body weight.

Get a Flat Stomach with 1 Amazing Tip

Your dinner needs to be the smallest or lightest meal of the day to lose belly fat. And you need to eat breakfast or brunch and lunch.  Have a very light meal for dinner and maybe a small piece of fruit for desert.  Don’t go back for seconds and no late night snacking. Drink a cup of herbal tea. Save your deserts for a treat and eating out and keep this to once a week.  Just think you can wake up hungry and eat again and you will have flatter abs!

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