Lose Belly Fat Fast

Are you yo-yo dieting and going round and round in circles trying desperately to lose weight and belly fat?

The Beyond Diet Program written by Isabel De Los Rios is a sensible, safe and healthy plan.  It’s very effective and easy to implement.  It’s a solution designed for the long haul and not a quick fix diet. So, it’s not something you do for a little while and then go back to your old eating habits. You become conscious of what good nutrition is and what your body requires to burn fat.

Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist.  She graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology from Rutgers University.  Her program has helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals and re-gain their health.  Isabel is also the owner of her own health clinic called New Body, a Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey.

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Isabel De Los Rios and her Amazing Story

Her passion for helping people with weight and health problems developed from her own challenges with being 30 pounds overweight and her mother’s struggle with severe diabetes.

Isabel says “Both my mother and grandmother suffered from severe type II diabetes.  I was so fearful for my health and being trapped in that kind of life that I learned all I could about proper nutrition and permanent fat loss.”  She was determined to find answers and solutions to weight gain and health problems through diet and nutrition.

If you have finally made a resolve to do whatever it takes to stay the course of healthy eating habits then Beyond Diet will successfully work for you if you take action on the principles.

Even if your not quite there yet, Isabel will give you strategies for a positive mind set to keep you on track.  To make flat abs permanent your approach to weight loss has to change.  It must be a commitment to a lifestyle of healthy nutrition and fitness. You have probably heard it all before, that diet/nutrition contributes to 80% fat loss.  But none of this can be achieved without a positive and motivated lifestyle change.

You will learn why it’s important to know what certain foods do to your body and how certain foods won’t release the fat, especially belly fat.

You will learn how to naturally increase your metabolism without counting calories, measuring portions or calculating protein/carbs/fats ratios. You don’t have to starve either.

A Natural and Wholesome Diet

Isabel’s program centers on you learning how to make good healthy conscious food choices.  And you will receive detailed shopping lists, charts, meal plans and plenty of quick and delicious recipes.

So if you’re tired of crash dieting for a period of a week or even a couple of weeks and then falling off the wagon so to speak and binging which is what yo-yo dieting is, try Beyond Diet.

I won’t lie to you, it’s not easy.  It’s simple yes, but easy no.  Because you will have to give up your favorites like sugary and processed foods.  This can be difficult if your addicted to sugar or other foods. If you need a program for emotional over-eating or sugar and carb cravings and you cannot stop no matter how hard you try click here to Curb your Cravings

Once you start to see the results of fat loss and how much better you feel health wise you won’t want to turn back.  You will re-gain your health and energy and feel revitalized. And the fat will melt off your thighs and belly and butt.

I highly recommend Beyond Diet for belly and over-all fat loss.

Remember, Isabel has been where you are now if you are struggling with your weight and getting frustrated and yo-yo dieting.  Isabel has the experience and knowledge to help you as she has done with many of her own clients.

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