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The author Rob Poulos set out on a quest to find answers that would result in the best physique requiring minimal time and effort.  If you really need to lose belly fat quickly then this program has the answers.

Being the busy people we are he wanted to achieve the best possible results in the shortest time possible.  He experimented and obsessed over tons of information relating to muscle building, weight loss, lose belly fat and fat burning, using himself, wife and friends as guinea pigs. The end result of Rob Poulos’ tried, tested and true methods created the Fat Burning Furnace program.

The Fat Burning Furnace is simple and uncomplicated and does not require hours of working out in the gym.  In fact if you don’t have access to a gym he gives you exercises to do at home with dumbbells and a bench and this may be all you ever require.  If you have no equipment at all, not even a set of dumbbells he also offers exercises you can do.

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The techniques and principles detailed in this book are a culmination of what the author and countless others have discovered to be the most effective and efficient methods to achieving the health and body you desire in the least possible time.  Whoopee, no long hours slugging it out at the gym!

Lose Belly Fat with the Fat Burning Furnace

The book is presented in an easy to read and simple manner, so you can start implementing the powerful fat loss and fitness strategies quickly.

You will learn why the number 1 activity for losing fat 24 hours a day is high intensity resistance training and exactly how to perform these exercises.

He also shows you why this book is not just for men and how women can achieve powerful results as well and why you will not turn into Arnold whatshisname!

If your goal is for health, stronger muscles or to lose body/belly fat or all three this is the book for you.  Rob Poulos cuts through the confusion and insanity of the fitness world to deliver a realistic achievable and easy program for regular people with a life!  So you do not have to spend hours at the gym, who has the time these days?

You will learn why strength training is far more important than running for miles on a treadmill to nowhere and how and why it will ignite the Fat Burning Furnace.

The book contains illustrated and clear step by step instructions so you can perform the exercises correctly.

There are detailed Fat Burning Routines for the beginner, Intermediate and advanced and exactly how many reps and sets to perform for each level and each exercise.

  • You will learn the 3 principles to effective strength training and how to implement these secrets.
  • The top 11 secrets of proper exercise.
  • The top 11 secrets of proper nutrition.
  • The truth about carbs, animal protein, and fats
  • The truth about fad diets, pills and quick weight loss.
  • Why water is so important for Fat Loss and health.
  • You will also learn fantastic tips on how to maximize your furnace.
  • The absolute best methods to lose belly fat.
  • There is even a chapter on how to ‘Think and Burn Fat’ for goal setting and motivation.

Fat Burning Furnace is a realistic and do-able program for people who are busy and want to see results pretty quickly without gimmicks and slogging it out at the gym for hours.  It’s simple to follow from beginner to the advanced level. So if you already have some experience with different diets or muscle building programs this easy and quick plan will offer some relief in the fact that it doesn’t have to be a struggle and time consuming.

Burn Belly FatThis program contains simple no-nonsense basic nutrition with lots of sound and solid advice about why and how to consume different foods. It also has lots of fantastic tips on nutrition and how to spark the fat burning furnace.  You also receive a metabolic calculator to work out how many calories you can consume in order to burn fat and how to break this down and why, over a 24 hour period.

Rob delivers an all rounded excellent program that will definitely give you results!

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