Thinner ThighsThe best way to get thinner thighs is to tone them with Pilates exercises specifically targeting the inner and outer thighs.  Of course it goes without saying that you need to clean up your diet.

One area in particular for women is to carry cellulite around the thighs and buttock area. The cellulite unfortunately gives the appearance of making thighs look fatter.  What we want is nice smooth skin to enhance our thinner thighs.

Cellulite is a skin condition because even skinny people can have it.  So to cure cellulite you need a good cure for your diet to obtain slimmer thighs.  Cleaning your diet up will help you burn the extra fat on your thighs with the added bonus of reducing cellulite and losing weight all over.


Clean up your Diet and get Thinner Thighs

Eating a clean diet is really important so you must stick to natural foods.  Stop eating junk food.  Anything sugary, that means candy, donuts, pastries and white flour.  Try to stick with veggies, fruit, salads and lean meats.  You want your blood flowing freely not getting sticky and clogged up with junk.  Try not to eat a lot of dairy as it can really clog the arteries.  Eggs are ok!

Exercise is numero uno!  Resistance training is excellent because it tones and adds muscle so your continuously burning fat. Try some cardio to get the blood pumping and circulation moving.  Best of all try these Pilates exercises for long and lean legs and slender thighs!

How to get long and lean legs using Pilates best thigh exercises, no more flabby thighs!

Lose Thigh Fat with Pilates Exercise

The side kick series in Pilates works your inner and outer thighs, lengthens and tones thighs and hips, and increases strength and mobility in the hip joint.  You are also using your abdominals to stabilize your torso and work your legs.  Click here for Pilates Abdominal Exercises

Front and Back

Lie on your side and lift up on your elbow.  Your elbow, shoulder ribs and hips are lined up at the back of the mat.  Place your legs to the front of the mat at an angle.  Your top hand is in front of your chest on the floor for support.  Align yourself with shoulders stacked and hip over hip.  Ribs are lifted.

Lift your top leg up to hip level and kick your leg toward your nose for 2 beats.

Reach your leg straight back, keeping it long for 2 pulses.

Squeeze into your buttocks as you do the movements and keep your chest open.

Up and Down

Maintain set up position as in previous front and back.

Rotate the top leg out of the hip so the kneecap faces the ceiling.  Lift the leg straight up to the sky keeping pelvis still and stable.

Turn out even more and reach longer as you lower your leg down to meet the grounded leg.


Maintain your side position as previous exercises.

Lift your top heel just above your bottom heel and begin circling the leg from the hip in a small but vigorous forward circle about the size of a small hoop/pilates circle.

Do five circles forward and then reverse for five circles.

Squeeze your buttocks for support and lengthen your leg from the hip.

Side Passe

Maintain side position as in previous exercise.

Turn your top leg out from the hip so that the kneecap faces the ceiling.  Actively slide your foot along the inside of your thigh high to the groin.

Pull your knee to your shoulder, aiming it behind your shoulder to open your hip.

Extend leg to ceiling; reach long through the heel while lowering to meet the other leg.

Stay lengthened in your waistline and reach your leg long out of your hip

Inner Thigh Lifts and Circles

Maintain your side position with your top leg bent and foot flat in front of abdominals.  Hold at ankle with top hand.

Lengthen your bottom leg and lift it up from the upper thigh, keeping knee straight.

Reach your leg longer and lower it down.

Lift and lower your leg without letting it touch the mat.

Hold the leg in a lifted position and pulse for ten pulses.

Also hold the leg lifted and circle five times forward and five times backwards.

Modification is to lower your head down resting on your arm stretched out.

You can also bring the foot down level with your thigh and no need to hold.

Pilates exercise will definitely support your thinner thigh quest but you also need an excellent Nutrition Program.



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