how to lose belly fat fastHow do you get and keep the motivation to lose weight?  You might be all revved up to begin your weight loss program but maintaining the motivation to lose weight over the long haul can be quite challenging!

Finding the motivation is a change of attitude and mindset so you can feel empowered and in control of your life.

Making a decision and choosing to be healthier, having more energy, losing the extra pounds, getting ripped or losing belly fat are all choices and a certain way of thinking.

How to Get Motivated

You can take responsibility for your life and own your choices.  Being clear about what you want to achieve will give you the motivation and inspiration to achieve your goals.

Whether it’s wanting a flat belly, lean legs, toned body, building muscles or simply just losing weight or all five, be clear and set your intention.

Every choice has a consequence, whether the consequence is a good or bad one that’s up to you, choose the chocolate cake or fried food too often then of course the consequence is more fat in unwanted places, not to mention what could be happening internally to your system. 

Making the choice to eat in a healthy way is empowering.  You feel better without mood or energy swings and you look better.  You start to feel proud of yourself and build confidence for fulfilling what you set out to do. This raises your self esteem. You feel great because you are losing weight and this gives you the much needed inspiration to continue.  The rewards and benefits are numerous and you feel stronger!

Try to think long term and not live for short term gratification.  Sure you can eat junk food and feel relief for a short moment but staying the course builds discipline and pride.  Don’t lose sight of the end result you want to achieve.

Visualization and Affirmations

Use your thoughts and imagination to visualize how you want your life to be, how you want your body to look, how you want your health to be, how you want to become better at a certain activity, ability or skill.

Truly believe (the feeling is extremely important) you are living it, your dream body, dream health, dream work.  Whatever you truly desire.

Visualize and create a collage board with pictures of whatever you resonate with.  Beautiful 6 pack abs, long lean legs, strong chest and biceps, dream house or dream vacation.

Any images you really desire pin it up around you so you are constantly reminded and you stop playing the old tapes in your head.  You need to replace them with what you do really want to achieve.

Affirmations are fantastic, try these or make up your own: my flat stomach, my sexy butt, my lifted and tight glutes, my manly chest.  Keep them in the present and succinct.

To Get Motivation Stop Negative Self Talk

Be gentle with yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Talk to yourself as if you would a good friend you respect. Notice what you say to yourself, become aware, is it negative, harsh, or judgmental?

Many of these statements are like old tape re-runs and you are not conscious of what is being said inside your head.  Just make an observation of what you actually do say to yourself.  If you are beating yourself up constantly for not being perfect, ease up.

You need to replace your thoughts and sayings with positive things.  Know you are doing the best you can do with what you have right now.  So say that to yourself.  Ok I made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, that’s how we all learn, and I’m doing the best I can.

Focus on your good attributes, we all have them.  Focus on your accomplishments and how far you have come, not on how far you have to go.

Look at the things you have managed to conquer; even if they are small, there are certain things you have overcome with success.

Say to yourself, look at how much I have managed to achieve and what I have accomplished (no matter how small) and I will stay on track.

Become aware of how you treat yourself mentally.  Start to change this with positive statements and your visualizations.  You deserve a beautiful life and the best life has to offer.


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