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There are simple ways to get flat abs, notice I said simple ways not easy ways.  When it comes to implementing these tips it requires change and change is not really easy for a lot of us.  Usually change comes when a crisis occurs or we are forced into it. We get used to eating a certain way, thinking a certain way and exercising a certain way or maybe not exercising at all! We are after all creatures of habit and change can be challenging.

Changing your habits almost certainly means changing your lifestyle especially if you’re looking for those long desired flat abs. Being healthier in your lifestyle is certainly worth the effort and the rewards and benefits can be numerous along with the desired fat loss and a flatter belly.

3 Best Tips For a Flat Belly

1. Inspiration 

You need a motivating factor to keep you on your game and achieve the flat abs you have always wanted.  Is it to lose weight by a certain date for a special event or vacation or to fit into your skinny clothes again? Or simply to lose weight once and for all. Maybe it’s a health problem? No matter what the motivator make sure it means something to you that will inspire you to take action. Write down some goals you wish to achieve and set a date.  Make a commitment to you to become healthier, leaner and get firm flat abs. Be consistent and stay positive about your goals.  Even if you slip up, which you will do, don’t focus on it and move on. Say NO to negative thoughts. You’re not perfect and you will make mistakes and that’s ok.  Just accept that as part of being human. Keep your vision on a flatter belly and looking healthy and slim.

2.  Ultimate Nutrition

If there is one thing I say to my clients over and over as a Pilates Instructor the fastest way to get flat abs is to change your diet.  Eating healthy nutritious food is the one basic foundation that you must set before anything else.  The fat will melt off once you start to eat a healthy diet. You don’t have to eat junk and then spend hours exercising to burn belly fat. Eating junk food will eventually catch up with you even if it doesn’t show on the outside.  And why would you want to do that to your body?  It’s not worth it.  Drop the junk food and eat healthy natural unprocessed food.  Eat whole foods and stay away from sugary drinks, sodas, juices (yes even juices), refined carbs as in white flour, rice, pasta, fried and fatty foods, sugar and sweets, chips, pastries, chocolate and pretzels.  You know the foods I mean.  The weight will fall off.

3. Exercise and Prevention

Once you get your diet under control the exercise part becomes easy.  You’re not huffing and puffing to burn off extra fat from the cake or cookies you just ate. Exercise is primarily to lower your stress rate so you don’t resort to eating all the time.  It’s also a much needed preventative measure that keeps certain enzymes on track before your body decides to stack on the fat.  Your body is an amazing piece of equipment and will work the way it’s meant to if you treat it well. So if you’re eating correctly enjoy your exercise and have some fun and you will get a flatter belly.


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