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When you detox, it’s to clean out the junk from your body that can make you ill. A detox can do everything from giving your immune system a boost to giving you more energy.

It can also eliminate mental fog. Once you get all of the toxins out, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. There are different types of detoxing plans that you can use.

Some of them require people to use either supplements or herbs. Others require going without food of any kind and eliminate supplements. You can choose a detox diet where you make changes to the kinds of food that you eat.

Some also have users adding more water to their daily plan. Some people choose to use a colon cleanse as part of a detoxification plan. You can use a detox that focuses on getting rid of heavy metals or one that targets only a certain food or food group.

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There are also juicing detox plans as well as plans that allow users to eat, but have them change the specific kinds of food they eat and eliminate some from their diet.

The kind of detox plan that’s best for you will depend on the reason behind why you choose it. Plus, it will also depend on the length of time you intend to make the detox last.

Some people choose to detox for a period of a few days. Others go a week or longer. Some choose to radically change the way they live and eat in what’s known as a detox lifestyle.

Though other organs are necessary as part of detoxing, your liver is a major player in the detoxification process. While your skin is the largest organ on the outside of your body, your liver holds the title as being the largest organ in your body.

Your liver does many different jobs, but the main function of this organ is to clean your blood, produce bile, and store energy. Your liver acts as a clearing house to make sure that the bad things in your body get booted out so that they don’t harm you.

It kicks out toxins from cosmetics, from fragrances, from cleaning supplies, toxins from food – basically anything that enters your body, the liver tries to filter it so that it won’t make you sick.

These things pass into your liver through your bloodstream and the liver takes out the bad elements and then lets the clean blood keep on going. It also works to remove bacteria and viral infections that can harm the body.

But unfortunately, your liver can reach a point where it can’t do everything it’s supposed to do because you have an overwhelming amount of toxins in your body.

One sign that your liver is in need of a detox can be foods that didn’t used to bother you, suddenly do start to bother you. An example of this would be a food that’s high in fat.

If you notice that after you eat high fat foods you don’t feel well, that’s a symptom that your liver isn’t able to efficiently process toxins.

A simple detox plan for the Liver – 24 hour fast

For the liver start the day with a wedge of organic lemon in warm or hot water in the morning to stimulate liver function and drink water from a pure source.

If you are taking prescription medications please consult with your doctor.

Make sure during a fast that you can relax and you are not doing strenuous physical activity. A weekend usually works well to do a fast.

24 hours on a fast is not a long time and usually people can handle just the one day to go without food. Drink plenty of pure water.

After the 24 hour fast

The following day start with water and lemon juice. You can now introduce more substantial foods into your eating plan.

For the rest of the week make sure you eat only fruit, salads and lightly steamed or sauteed vegetables. You could for example have fruit for breakfast and then have a salad for lunch (no meat) and then have lightly sauteed or steamed veggies for dinner.

The only cooking requirement is the lightly steamed or sauteed veggies. The rest of your eating plan is mostly raw food. You must not consume any dairy, meat, fried food, artificial sweeteners, sugar, wheat, pasta, rice or any baked foods.

Please try and use organic fruit and vegetables and eat till you are just under full. Use grated carrots, apple and beetroot sprinkled over your salads as this helps to detoxify the liver. You can also juice carrots or apple to detox and help your liver. Also use fresh herbs to add flavor to your vegetables.

Withdrawal Symptoms

If you start to feel worse before you feel better this is often the case as your body is going through a detoxification process eliminating food you have become dependent on.

Your symptoms can range from headaches, dizziness, nausea and aches and pains very similar to flu-like symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are common so do not panic, they will pass, keep to your detox process. Your detox diet is actually working and you are on your way to a flatter belly and healthier you!

As you progress in your detox and you’re eating more food you can also do some light exercising. Walking for 15-30 minutes every day outside in the fresh air and sunshine will also help you to detox your body.

If you use this plan to detox your body, hopefully you will be eating in a healthier way after seeing amazing improvement in your overall health and losing belly and body fat as a bonus!




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