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Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle has been an Internet best seller every year since 2003, and with very good reason.

Tom Venuto the author, has dedicated his life to natural bodybuilding and fitness and he absolutely knows his facts when it comes to nutrition and fat burning techniques through solid experience, experimentation, trial and error and fully immersing himself in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years.

Venuto’s focus, commitment and dedication to find solutions to burn fat naturally and get a flat belly have been totally revealed in the very successful program Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

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I can identify strongly with Tom Venuto. As he says he was never obese (and that was not my problem either) but he always struggled with stomach fat. That belly flab that will just not shift. What? I asked, someone like Tom Venuto struggled with stomach fat? A bodybuilder come health and fitness guru.  Well I had exactly the same problem!  I really wanted to get rid of some belly fat (the pooch) and have toned sexy abs.  It was great to know that he wasn’t perfect and if he had found a way to burn the fat then I had to know his secret!

As a Pilates Instructor I have no problem working out and yet I still had some stomach flab.  I needed a helping hand and I also wanted to help my clients who were struggling with this very same problem.

Here are some crucial points I learned throughout my journey with Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle:

  • My metabolism had flat-lined.  It was not budging for anything. Tom has several special foolproof methods to burn the fat once and for all.
  • There is a list of the 12 worse foods you need to avoid like the plague.
  • There is also a list of the 12 best foods you need to eat to burn fat and fire up your metabolism.
  • The absolute and ultimate No 1. reason why most people cannot burn belly fat.
  • I learned the number one most successful way to burn body fat ever!  This one and only simple change will absolutely keep the fat burning fires stoked.
  • If you have tried everything there is to try (I tried a number of different things, unsuccessfully, and I still couldn’t lose stubborn fat or I would put it back on again) you will learn a brilliant tactic from bodybuilders and fitness models.
  • I found out what body type I was, who knew there were different body types? and then to eat accordingly.
  • How to speed up your metabolism and turn your body into an amazing fat blasting machine.
  • Also I discovered a little about the psychology and motivation for permanent fat loss.  How to set goals and utilize your subconscious mind for brilliant success.
  • If Cardio is what you desire there are routines to get the heart pumping and blasting the fat away.
  • And on the subject of cardio, how much cardio is really necessary and when and how to do cardio so it works for you.
  • One final point is the fact that Venuto does this all naturally and does not believe in pills or drugs.

I discovered many things in Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle that helped me attain a nice flat belly.  Yes my number one problem was nutrition.   I had to commit to a healthier eating plan and not get into emotional eating.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a result of a detailed study on bodybuilders, fitness models and female figure competitors to find out exactly how they get and stay lean.  Don’t let this intimidate you because Venuto has made sure this program is for normal people like you and me not just for athletes and bodybuilders.

What I started to see was the main focus and theme of Tom’s e-book was nutrition.  Nutrition is always NO 1 to getting lean.  The author really focuses on nutrition in his program because even though you may have the best training program in the world, if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain fat regardless.  This was basically me in a nutshell. I had a fantastic training program but my nutrition was letting me down.

You have to get nutrition right to achieve low body fat levels in order to reveal your abs. You cannot achieve this through crunches or sit ups or Pilates alone!

Lose Belly FatI discovered this is not a quick fix program and it does require effort and commitment and I also discovered how to set goals and to develop the mindset and motivation to achieve my goal of fat belly blasting.

There is a lot of information in this e-book.  It’s an all encompassing program which considers all areas of fat loss from the belly to the brain. You will definitely reap the rewards and acquire the body you desire.

My overall opinion as you probably already know is that Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle contains honest, clear and in depth information necessary for burning fat and achieving the body of your dreams.  It’s so packed with vital information necessary to burn the fat naturally.

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