Stubborn belly fat can be so frustrating and hard to lose.  I know how it feels; believe me I’ve been there. Looking down and seeing that constant roll of fat!  Not a lot, but enough to feel Yuk about the way my stomach looks.  Let me tell you about my experience and the best way to budge stubborn belly fat.

As a Pilates Instructor I’m constantly asked this one most popular question, ‘What is the best way to lose stubborn belly fat? It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, how I exercise, or what I eat I still have a roll of fat around my midsection’!  And I was battling this problem too, so I needed to change what I was doing in order to help my clients.

You can lose those stubborn pounds with a little patience and consistency.  It can be an achievable goal but some change and work is in order.

The best way to lose stubborn weight is to change your eating habits and commit to a healthy program.  It does require discipline but the pay off for flat abs is well worth it!

Nutrition is number one and of course knowing what good nutrition is.  Sometimes our bad habits are so ingrained we have forgotten exactly what constitutes healthy and sane nutrition. I thought I had a pretty good idea until I started researching.  I discovered some amazing facts and secrets and the whole process was a beneficial and successful re-education on health and fitness.

One important rule I learned was that you can do lots of exercising, cardio, abdominal crunches and lift weights, and for me it was Pilates, but if you are not eating correctly it will make it almost impossible for you to lose those last stubborn pounds.

Losing belly fat is not just about image and wanting to look sexy and attractive, which can be a fantastic motivator; it can also be a major health issue.  The deep layers of fat padding the organs in and around the belly can be one of the precursors for metabolic disease putting you at risk for diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.  So it’s not all about image!

When it comes to nutrition, as much as you can, eat food in a healthy and natural state.  The more natural the food the more healthy it will be. Stick to veggies, salads, fruits and lean meat.  Reduce all processed foods, especially sugar, flour and simple carbs as these foods are high on the glycemic index.

Eat the Right Calories

These simple carbs can overload your insulin receptors making you insulin resistance which can add to the storage of fat. To prevent quick surges of sugar from high glycemic foods balance meals with healthy food groups.  Foods high in protein have a lower glycemic index, as do whole grains and fresh fruit.  If you are going to eat the occasional fast food because you are in a hurry, try to make a healthy choice such as grilled chicken instead of a cheeseburger!  Check foods for trans-fats and high-fructose corn syrup, these are toxic.

Let’s Get Physical

You do need to exercise to remove stubborn belly fat. Physical activity on a regular basis aids in burning fat and helps you to utilize insulin more efficiently, improves circulation keeping blood vessels and your heart healthy, and also keeps your cholesterol levels balanced.  Exercise has numerous benefits and releases endorphins to keep you happy!

Do you want to know the best way to burn stomach fat?  Of course you do! If your answer is YES then I highly recommend the very successful Beyond Diet by Isabel De Los Rios.

This e-book is a comprehensive all inclusive nutrition manual and fat loss program combining meal plans, recipes and shopping lists to support and guide you in reaching your ideal weight.

Isabel is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who created this program to support people who were really struggling with health challenges and weight problems. I highly recommend her program because she has first hand experience with weight issues.

Isabel’s program contains everything you need to know about losing weight and restoring true health and vitality.  Are you ready to change your life and achieve your ideal belly and body? Make a commitment to you to be healthy and happy and feel fantastic about your body!


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