The following program has received more great reviews than any other review from a huge number of customers claiming success in losing body and belly fat.  I highly recommend “Truth about Abs” as one of my top programs for truly building a lean and healthy body and of course getting six pack abs.

truth about abs

Best Flat Belly Program – Truth about Abs

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Truth about Abs is the number 1 rated program for getting a six pack on the internet.  Mike Geary the author, focuses on real techniques to lose your belly fat.  Truth about Abs contains the best nutrition secrets to apply if you want any chance of getting lean enough to see visible abs on yourself.  Its not only a top program for burning stubborn belly fat it also has a training program so you will learn what the best exercises are to melt fat. There is a program for both men and women.

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There are many different programs to burn fat and get a flat belly.  All of the following programs have proven to be very successful and effective even though they might vary in certain techniques.  I have looked at over 20 Flat Belly programs for solutions and these listed are the best of the best.


burn belly fat

Best Fat Burning Program – Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Customer Rating5 stars

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a fat burning breakthrough teaching you how to lose fat permanently and naturally. This program will turbo charge your metabolism, burn off body fat, get you lean and teach you how to gain muscle. Women don’t be afraid – its perfect to tone up.  Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a fat loss success system!

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 Best Fast Fat Loss – Fat Burning Furnace

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Fat Burning Furnace requires very little time, does not require extra cardio exercises or severe eating restrictions.  Fat Burning Furnace teaches you what specific foods to eat and how to eat to fuel the furnace.  This program specializes in helping men and women lose fat quickly and permanently with brief, and infrequent workouts and simple diet principles.

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 fat loss factor


New Breakthrough Fat Loss Program – Fat Loss Factor

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Fat Loss Factor authored by Dr Charles, a certified chiropractor physician and certified advanced nutritionist reveals his biggest fat burning secret. He strongly believes in detoxing the liver and will guide you in the process so you can be free of the struggle to burn fat. Dr Charles guarantees you will get results with his breakthrough weight loss method. Change your body and change your life!

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sugar detox

Best Detoxification Program – 21 Day Sugar Detox

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21 Day Sugar Detox is the best detoxification program to cleanse your system from intense sugar and carb cravings plus insatiable hunger. Dianne Sanfilippo explains in a practical and easy way why certain food or substances cause cravings and what you need to do to be free from cravings for good!

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 burn belly fat Supercharge your Metabolism – Eat Stop Eat

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Eat Stop Eat an e-book written by Brad Pilon a nutritionist professional is all about intermittent fasting. It may seem controversial to fast but Brad is getting extremely successful results. He also proves that there is no metabolic slow down when intermittent fasting if you follow his program. There are no rules to follow as far as what to eat so its very simple but you do need guidance on his technique. If your curious take a peek:

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