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Truth about Six Pack Abs is authored by Mike Geary who is a certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist.  Mike has jam packed into this e-book everything you could possibly want to know about getting and staying lean and healthy and of course stripping away the belly fat to release those longed for six pack abs! It’s the solution to losing stubborn impossible to remove belly flab.  Mike Geary has certainly done his time in the health and fitness field with years and years of sound research and hands on experience with thousands of his clients for both exercise and nutrition strategies.

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Truth about Abs Review contains techniques that have proven to work time and time again backed by Geary’s customers who give him solid, successful and authentic feedback with the tremendous results they are seeing first hand after taking action on this style of training, nutrition and mindset.

Mike explains why the concepts in this manual will work for everyone regardless of age or male or female.  Truth about Flat Abs can be adjusted and modified to suit you individually and to work to your own personal level from beginner to advanced, from zero equipment to a fully equipped gym.

Truth About Flat Abs and Females

Mike also wants you to know if you are a female that the program is just as effective for body fat reduction and muscle toning without turning you into Testosterone Ted.  A good percentage of women are his clients and they have amazing results and acquire the body they truly desire.

In the Truth about Flat Abs you will discover:

  • The No. 1 reason why people fail to achieve their fitness goal and dream body and how to rectify and change this debilitating habit.
  • The overwhelming importance of your diet and how to achieve healthy eating habits.
  • How good healthy nutrition can stop the cravings for junk food and what you need to do.
  • The Sugar/Insulin Process, Carbohydrates and GI of foods.
  • Why not to follow Fad Diets
  • Why eating the right fats can actually make you leaner and what are healthy fats?
  • The foods you need to eat to promote a lean, healthy body for life.
  • The Two hidden evils in our food supply and the harmful effects they can cause.
  • The Two metabolism boosting foods you can use to supercharge your fat burning process
  • The connection between stubborn belly fat and estrogenic compounds and the effect it can have on your hormones. Truth about Six Pack Abs reveals what foods and products contribute to this and the one product that can really harm your health.
  • Truth about Flat Abs also explains, my personal favorite, the benefits and importance of building into your eating plan, infrequent overfeeding.  The detail’s of this method and why?

Mike Geary also has an extensive and effective training program so you can get started right away on your exercise routine.  All the exercises are listed with pictures and detailed instructions for beginners to advanced.  The author explains in his training program why he believes in full body exercises rather than targeted abdominal exercises and the best way to achieve tremendous results.

Truth About AbsTruth about Flat Abs presents several different training programs in detailed descriptions telling you everything you need to know from the name of the exercise  and  how to perform, to how many reps and sets to reap the most benefit.  The manual also has additional Lean Body Tips to assist you in your quest for leanness.

This fitness program is based on a good sound healthy eating program incorporating the correct amount of effective exercises.  There are no gimmicks, no diet pills, no abdominal building machines and no 1,000 stomach crunches!  Mike considers Truth about Abs a healthy lifestyle change in diet and exercise that will enable you to totally transform your body and reveal the six pack abs or the flat sexy abs you have always wanted!

This program is a one off fee and you will also receive added bonuses.  It’s a bestseller and with good reason, it works!

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