Burn Belly FatWe all want to know how to burn tummy fat and flatten our abs!  Right?  If you have stubborn ugly tummy fat it can become a frustrating battle.  It seems to be the No 1 question on our lips when it comes to losing weight.   Sure we want to lose weight in other places too but those extra pounds will melt away as the stomach fat disappears. Then you can proudly show off your sexy flat abs.

Knowing how to burn stomach fat can present a very difficult challenge if you don’t have the knowledge about healthy ways to lose weight.  You need the right information to suit your particular situation.

There are simple solutions if you understand and realize that losing weight is a life style change. It requires a long term healthy transformation not a short lived crash diet program.

Best Ways to Burn Tummy Fat and Get Flat Abs

I thought I knew everything about healthy ways to burn tummy fat and lose weight. What was the big secret exactly? And then I wondered why my last stubborn pounds were not budging! Why was it such a struggle to get rid of stomach fat?  Well I started researching this highly controversial and confusing subject and learned a lot.  I’m pleased to say that I took some advice and changed my nutrition plan and melting away those last pounds from my belly no longer was a frustrating struggle!  Exercising is not a problem for me as I’m a Pilates Instructor. I really needed to pay detailed attention to my diet so I could get great abs too.

As creatures of habit we do not like change. I’m the first one to admit I love chocolate!  Chocolate and sugary foods had to go.  I didn’t realize how much sugar I was consuming in what I thought were natural foods.  Did you know bread contains sugar?  Over the course of a day the sugar can add up especially when it’s hidden. I’ll let you in on a little secret and I was shocked to find out that sugar is added to almost everything in some form or other.  If it’s not simple sugar then its sucrose or fructose which can be addictive.  No wonder I couldn’t burn belly fat off!

It’s hard to know what foods contain sugar so you need to read the labels.  Manufacturers are required to list the ingredients. In the beginning when you’re really trying to burn tummy fat, cut down on sugar in every way possible. To rev up your metabolism don’t eat fruit for the first two to four weeks. Fruit has a high sugar content which may spike insulin levels causing fat retention.

Restrict Sugar to Burn Fat

A big no-no, don’t drink sodas.  These are deadly for weight loss.  If you must have sodas try the natural sweetened sodas like Zevia and use the natural sweeteners, Stevia and Truvia to sweeten food and drinks.   When eating pasta sauce or using salad dressing watch the sugar content, remember it all adds up!  Ezekiel bread does not contain sugar and is high in fiber.  Avoid, cookies, cakes and candy and sugary foods.

All the low fat foods usually have a very high sugar level, not to mention other preservatives and additives manufacturers add in, to substitute for taste.  Food manufacturers lower the fat content, but then they need to add extra sugar to make food taste appetizing.  If you are continuously cutting fat from your diet you will not feel satisfied.  You will experience cravings because your body needs the good fat to function efficiently.

An excellent tip if you need the occasional treat, eat very dark chocolate.  Make sure its over 80% cocoa, the more cocoa, the less sugar.  It’s a wonderful way to get a chocolate fix and because its so rich it’s very satisfying.

Over time your taste buds will change and you won’t crave junk food.  You will also see weight loss pretty quickly which will encourage you and keep you motivated.

Tom Venuto the author of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle has dedicated his life to the fitness industry for over 20 years.  Venuto’s commitment and passion to find lasting and true results to burn fat naturally has been totally revealed in this very successful and comprehensive program.  Burn the Fat is a healthy lifestyle change in diet and exercise that will teach you everything you need to know to burn tummy fat and get great abs!  Venuto’s program contains honest, clear and in depth information including the best nutrition and exercise routines necessary for burning fat and achieving the body of your dreams.


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