Burn Belly FatBurn Belly FatThe Beyond Diet Program authored by Isabel Del Los Rios has become a premier best-selling e-book on the internet.  It has become so popular and successful because it simply and effectively works!

Isabel Del Los Rios is a holistic nutritionist and has developed her own unique style and opinions towards weight loss.

She thinks outside the box and doesn’t always agree with main stream advice.   Her program has proven to be very successful through thousands of clients who have experienced the program first hand.

Why Beyond Diet is Extremely Popular

Beyond Diet has exploded in popularity because of its effectiveness and simplicity.  Over 60,000 people have started Isabel’s forward thinking program, and hundreds more sign up each day. The Diet is wholesome, natural and healthy and easy to follow.

Belly Fat is unsightly and can be physically unhealthy and also emotionally depressing but now you can implement Beyond Diet to re-gain your confidence and long lost flat belly.

You need a diet program that gives you results and is sustainable for the long haul. We all know and have tried many diets and in the initial phases burning fat is easy and you can lose pounds and inches.  The problem being, can you stay on this diet for the long-term?  Is it wholesome, well balanced and natural?  Or is it too complicated, restrictive, controlling or even boring? And then you end up in a yo-yo situation where you gain back even more than previously lost.

Isabel knows this well trodden path as she has been down it many times herself.  As a teenager and into her young adult years she was overweight, dumpy and felt unattractive.   She knew she had to take action because her mother suffered from type II diabetes and she desperately wanted to break the cycle.

Isabel became passionate about eating healthy food and exercising without using restrictive and rigid regimes.  Her extensive research and knowledge was founded and based on her own drive to overcome weight and health problems. The diet solution is an over-all weight loss program.  You will naturally drop weight from your thighs, butt and stomach and melt the fat away.

In this Diet Plan you will learn to:

  • Eat healthy and natural foods and avoid the processed foods contributing to stored fat on the thighs, butt and belly.
  • You will see a loss in belly and thigh fat by also avoiding sugary foods, the no. 1 enemy.
  • You will learn to eat with awareness because you will learn what healthy foods are and how unhealthy foods cause problems with your health over the long term.
  • Isabel will explain why this is a lifestyle change and not a quickie diet which will only backfire on you.
  • You will learn to eat properly and to eat enough food so you feel comfortable and satiated.
  • You will also learn what foods suit your body type and how some foods can contribute to weight gain if unsuitable for your metabolic type.
  • There is no calorie counting and no portions to weigh.
  • You will learn what the top 2 bad foods are and how to avoid them in order to lose belly fat.
  • You will receive loads of help with shopping lists, detailed meal plans, on-line community and plenty of quick and delicious recipes.
  • Loads more advice, articles and support on different catagories.

You are responsible for our own health and only you can lose the weight but having a guide and a plan to assist you makes the journey a whole lot easier.

In Beyond Diet, Isabel also supplies you with some ways to get into the right frame of mind so you can stay consistent in your efforts.

Remember she struggled with her weight for years and can teach you how to overcome the challenges from her own extensive experience and knowledge.

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