get six pack absOk who doesn’t want six pack abs? Even if you don’t want the full on sculpted six pack you most definitely want toned flat abs or a flat belly – right?

Most people really want six pack abs but don’t wish to put the time and effort in that is required to get a flat belly or those washboard babies.

When I say effort it’s more about developing a new attitude and lifestyle towards food, fitness and health and staying consistent.  If you want six pack abs fast, then you had better be prepared for some action.

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You may already know how to get a six pack or flat lean stomach but you are unlikely to acquire one in this lifetime if you refuse to give up the beer, pizza, burgers, fries and ice cream.

The fact is that you cannot eat and drink whatever you like (some discipline is required here) and still expect to have a stomach that reveals your toned abs.   Even if you do core workout exercises for hours each day you still won’t have a noticeable six pack if you eat the wrong foods. Instead your six pack abs will remain hidden under a layer of flabby belly fat.

Six pack Abs enthusiasts prove they know how to get a lean mean belly by removing most if not all of the unhealthy fat and sugar from their diet.  This is a key secret.

You must eat a healthy diet that mainly consists of vegetables, lean meats and salads and no processed foods.  When you cut out the processed foods you are also avoiding a lot of sugars, preservatives and additives which are harmful and toxic and can lock in the belly fat!

It’s important to understand that sugar will spike insulin levels and is the main culprit for stubborn belly fat.  You need the good fats for you’re body to work efficiently.  If you eat low fat all the time your not giving your body the nutrients it needs.  Eating nuts, seeds, and olive oil will provide the good fats.

Cardio and Resistance Training to Get Six Pack Abs

Increasing your heart rate will definitely help you to burn belly fat.  Those who know how to get six pack abs fast will tell you to lose any excess body fat.

You can do this by following a sensible and healthy diet but you will see quicker results if you also indulge in regular cardiovascular exercise. At least forty-five minutes of cardio three or four times a week will help you to burn off extra calories so that you lose any excess fat faster than you would though dieting alone.

You also need to hit the gym and use resistance training to build muscle which burns body fat to maintain the lean look.  Core workout exercises alone will not give you a noticeable six pack. However, they are still fundamental to fit, toned abdominal muscles.

If you really want six pack abs and are intent on achieving your objective then it is imperative to hit the gym for at least an hour three times a week.  You can combine this with your cardiovascular exercise.

Once you are at the gym you’ll need to incorporate various crunches and abdominal exercises.  Make sure you work on the other muscles of your body so you look in proportion. You don’t want to end up with a stunning six pack and underdeveloped leg, chest, back and arm muscles.

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