Changing your eating habits to lose belly fat from an unhealthy pattern to a healthy routine can be very challenging at first but the rewards are numerous and great if you can stay on track and committed. You will feel so proud of yourself!

Personally I think the first two to four weeks are the toughest. You must be very organized from the start and commit to a healthy mindset. You can map out all the reasons why you need and want to change your habits. Perhaps you wish to overcome a health challenge and not simply to lose belly fat?

I know for me I needed to stop eating sugar because it was becoming an addiction and I was concerned with how much I was consuming. I knew deep down inside this is not healthy and can cause many problems internally not only with health but also with mind, mood and energy swings.

As you get through the most challenging phase you will notice your emotions balancing out nicely and you won’t be going through extreme highs and lows. Please don’t attempt to give up everything all at once. This is a gradual introduction so going slow is fine.

I would say the most important thing to cut from your unhealthy list is white sugar. You can use fruit to replace almost anything to begin with and then gradually cut down on other foods such as white flour or white pasta.

Healthy Nutrition is a Must To Lose Fat

You must develop healthy eating habits over time with foods that contain healthy nutrients:

1.   Every day eat a large raw salad. You could have this salad for your lunch and add some grilled chicken breast. It’s easy to add lots of raw veggies such as tomatoes, lettuce, shredded carrots,   and cucumber. You can vary the veggies from day to day.

2.   For dinner make sure you have some steamed green veggies. There are plenty of green veggies to choose from such as broccoli, string beans, asparagus and bok choy.

3.   When you make up your salad you can add raw nuts and seeds. Nuts are calorie dense so be careful of your intake.

4.   You don’t have to eat meat at every meal. Try to add beans to your meals instead of chicken or red meat. If I make nachos I add red kidney beans instead of meat, it still tastes delicious!

5.   You will be replacing any sugary treats etc., with fruit. So your daily intake of fruit will increase. If you are trying to lose belly fat stay away from extra sweet fruit such as bananas and      pineapple.

6.   Buy yourself a juicer and try out some smoothies and some freshly squeezed veggie juice especially the green drinks.

7.   When you do eat meat make sure to buy the lean cuts and organic.

8.   No need to add salt when you are cooking, you can add afterwards when plated and try Himalayan salt.

9.   Watch your oil intake. Try to stay away from oil when cooking and use water instead. The allowance is 1 tablespoon daily which also includes your salad dressing.

10.   Please try to avoid coffee and alcohol. You mind find this very restrictive so just try to cut down at first as giving up both may be too difficult. Always have a replacement such as herbal or green tea.

You can do all of this gradually, introducing and replacing certain healthy foods and letting go of junk food over a period of time.

I have heard a lot of talk about eating 4-6 meals a day to keep blood sugar levels balanced. This simply may not be realistic for a lot of folks. This definitely does not work for me as it sets me up to be grazing all day long and I lose track of how many calories I am consuming! I am much better off if I eat 1-3 meals a day. I have a meal and then I stop eating. I do not need snacks in between. I like to build an appetite and then by the time lunch or dinner comes around I am actually hungry and really enjoy my food.

Get a Flat Belly by Eliminating Tempting Foods

When you begin your eating healthy habits diet please make sure you go through your pantry to get rid of any junk food that you might be tempted to eat in times of weakness. Remember you have your list of replacement foods and you’re not mindlessly snacking.

If you find that you cannot stop eating junk food join a support group especially if you cannot control your cravings. Overeaters Anonymous are very helpful and non-judgmental and there are many other diet groups too such as weight watchers.

The benefits of eating healthy foods are numerous and varied and you will definitely feel and see the difference!


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