So, if you want a flat belly and toned abs what should you do?

Your nutrition should be top notch to achieve success. Your diet is crucial to get rid of belly fat and eating the right foods will help to speed up your metabolism.  You need to take in less calories then you burn. Its common knowledge I know, but a lot of people forget this one basic principle and think they can somehow work around it. Not true. The simple ways work the best.

You do need to exercise too. You will need a full body training program because 30 minutes of cardio, 2 to 3 times a week won’t get you results. It must include both cardio and resistance training for faster results. You need a full body training routine to burn body fat. To burn belly fat you need to burn stored energy and to get rid of it you need to burn more than you eat.


10 Great Tips for Flat Abs

1.      Eat foods that are rich in spices because they speed up your metabolism by developing an internal thermodynamic burn which can help dissolve fats.

2.      Eat certain foods at certain times. You should eat calorie-rich foods during breakfast. As the day goes on, the calorie-content of the foods you eat should gradually decrease. Make your dinner a light meal.

3.      Cut down on grains.  These are complex carbs but can really stack the pounds on.  Eat more veggies and low sugar fruit instead. For breakfast have an apple instead of toast and substitute broccoli for a side of rice.

4.      Don’t skip your meals and make sure you eat enough food. Try to develop a regular routine for eating meals.  Skipping any meal may only make you feel hungrier and cause you to eat more later on in the day. This is one of the biggest mistakes made when trying to lose weight.

5.      Intensify your daily activities. Doing many activities everyday prevent your body from storing fat. In other words be active instead of sedentary. Try to walk as much as you can and take a break from the computer or TV.  Having a good work-out routine and done consistently will help you get rid of belly fat and burn unwanted calories.

6.      Include resistant training in your work-out routine along with your cardiovascular exercise. Muscle burns fat and will keep burning even when you are sedentary.

7.      Change your exercises from time to time. You should change your workouts every 4-6 weeks. The development of lean muscle quickly stops when people tend to do the same exercise routine over and over.  You can get flat abs by adding variety to your exercise routine.

8.      Eat a diet high in fiber to avoid constipation otherwise you may get belly bloat. You can get fiber from wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.  Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush the toxins from your body.

9.      Minimize sugar free foods as they contain sugar alcohol in the form of artificial sweeteners. These can also cause bloating and gas.

10.  Eat smaller meals more often instead of 3 large meals per day. Make sure the meals are small and not regular sized. If you eat smaller meals it can also help control blood sugar and hunger.

11.   A bonus! Cut down on dairy, especially milk and cheese.  Eat your fruit and veggies instead!

With these simple tips, you can get rid of belly fat.


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