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secret to flat absWelcome to my Site, and The Secrets to Flat Abs!

I’m happy you have landed on this page and you’re interested in the best ways to lose belly fat. You probably also want to know the honest and easiest way to burn calories and generally feel so much better about the way you look and feel.

I created this site to be an informative and ultimate guide with numerous reviews, articles, and advice to help you on your quest to great looking abs and getting the body you have always desired.

The secret to flat abs doesn’t have to be a trial of struggle and frustration.  You only need the right information to show you how to get there.  Like anything there are rules, tips and techniques and the most experienced and knowledgeable people know these secrets because they have done their time in the health and fitness industry and become specialists in their field. They have many years of trial and error and experience.

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If you can follow a simple program and you’re prepared to put the right action in, then you’re definitely going to burn fat over-all and in turn lose the muffin top, belly blubber and/or love handles.  Lets face it, stomach fat is usually the hardest and last to lose and that’s why you need a healthy and simple eating plan that you will enjoy so you can stay consistent and maintain as a lifestyle change. You can get Flat Abs with some work but it also takes know how and guidance so you can reach your goals successfully.

As a Pilates Instructor I work closely with my clients, so this puts me in touch with what people are really seeking health and body wise.  I’m constantly bombarded with all sorts of questions on how to firm up flabby arms and slim down thighs to losing weight and love handles and toning up, but not bulk up (women don’t want to bulk up, men do!)  Not to mention diet and nutrition and how complicated that can get.

Amongst these varied questions from my Pilates clients, the No “1” question and concern is; What is the best way to Lose Belly Fat?  or get toned and tight abs? I want my abs to be flat!  Ok I get it, a flat belly without liposuction!  Even though my clients and I work out enjoying Pilates I know for a fact exercise is not the only thing you need.

You can work out for hours trying to sculpt abdominal muscles but if you’re over-eating or eating the wrong type of food, it will become a very hard and frustrating journey.

The best way to lose belly fat is definitely 80% (some say more) nutrition but also knowing what foods are right for your body. I would have to say that nutrition is No 1 and combined with the right kind of exercises and mind set you will definitely see the fat melt away.

Learning about nutrition, diet and exercise is critical for successful results.

Healthy Habits

It takes time and effort to get into healthier habits. When you first start your weight loss journey and your quest for flat abs it might feel like an uphill battle as you contend with years of unhealthy behavior but you can start by making small changes. Instead of watching TV after dinner, record your favorite shows and go for a walk. Replace some high-fat foods with their lower-fat equivalents. Over time, you will get used to these changes and be able to make more and stay consistent.

Many diets fail because dieters make too many drastic changes too quickly, then decide they can’t live with the new program. Remember, these are sustained changes, not quick fixes. Change gradually and ease into it.  It took me several  years to develop the changes I wanted. I have listed below some simple tips you can start to implement.

Eat more fiber

You need to consume at least 35 grams of fiber each day in the form of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Also try to stay away from sugary processed products.  This will keep you regular and, in turn, make your stomach appear flatter.

Drink more water

Some people hesitate to drink water when they’re already retaining fluid, but water is actually the solution to a bloated stomach and helps with digestion. When you put more water into your system, your body will let go of the fluid it’s been holding on to. Water will also help curb your appetite; sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger, leading to endless cravings and mindless snacking.

Work your Abs all day long

You can give your abs a constant workout by practicing good posture.  When you’re sitting at a desk, pull yourself forward to the edge of your seat. Straighten your back and pull in your stomach muscles. You can keep the abs working while you run errands, too. Simply suck in your stomach as much as you can, imagining that there’s a magnet pulling your navel back into your spine.


I know it sounds crazy – what does meditation have to do with belly fat, right? Well let me explain. It has everything to do with stress! Stress produces cortisol and cortisol stimulates insulin which in turn retains belly fat. So learn to meditate  and calm yourself and reduce your cortisol levels. Reducing stress levels can only benefit you on so many levels.  If your less stressed your less likely to eat your favorite comfort food resulting in fat loss and flat abs and you have the added bonus of feeling more clarity and peace.

I have written numerous articles on losing belly fat, burning calories and getting into shape. And because my specialty is Pilates I have also included some Pilates Abdominal Exercises my favorite exercises to tone the abs. Enjoy!

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